A Day in Rishikesh

The rain has stopped, leaving the air a little cooler and misty clouds drifting over the forested hills. Monkeys make their way on rooftop railings to observe their domain.
Greetings from the “Land of the Gods” otherwise known as Rishikesh, India. This place is magical, the vibration is deep. The Ganga flows fresh here and the mountains hold mantras chanted for thousands of years by devotees, sadhus and gurus worldwide.
It’s just another afternoon in the holy town of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. Tourists jostle on the almost swinging Laxman Jhula – one of the two famous suspension bridges across the cascading Ganga. Many stop for photo ops on the narrow pedestrian bridge, 20-somethings take selfies, motorcyclists honk for way, a couple of cows moo. Once everybody has crossed over, they automatically set off in one direction: towards the many ashrams and temples along the Ghaat.
Days in Rishikesh are filled with yoga, cafe crawling, artisan market shopping, swimming in the river, white water rafting, exploring & sipping superb Indian chai. Each evening as the sun sets and the orange sky reflects beautifully down onto the Ganges; hippies, musicians, locals, backpackers, cows, monkeys, cats, dogs, and whoever else is around all gather to dance to a random band of bongo drums, guitars and Indian flutes.

There truly is a magical energy flowing through Rishikesh.